Fantana Defeats Eshun in Face off Musical Battle


The divas’ versions of JMJ‘s “Riddim Of The Gods” were put together for judgment on the face-off segment of Showbiz Agenda.

Young female artist Fantana took advantage of her rich girl’s persona to talk about her rich lifestyle and how she can take a broke lady’s man and show to her world on her version dubbed “Rich Girl Anthem”. Eshun, on the other hand, used her vocal power to talk on her “doctor” love song version.

After analyzing both songs, Ghanaians were confounded by the amazing performance of Fantana as against Eshun whom people had more expectations for. Fantana’s lyrics, story and other aspects of the song were checked correctly as compared to that of Eshun.

Fantana in previous times has been constantly ridiculed by most Ghanaians for her lack of creativity, talent, and poor performance and coordination on stage, which makes this performance on the song the more unanticipated to even the panelists and all listeners of the song.

Perhaps Ghanaians wrote Fantana off too early and there might be some mystery to her after all.

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