“My first sex was after my WASSCE” says Xandy Kamel

Xandy Kamel on one on one with OdarteyGH

The daring actress and social media commentator; Xandy Kamel was the second guest on the season two edition of One on One With OdarteyGH show. During the show she made some very interesting submissions about her educational background: “I can’t remember the number of times I was in class, I even selected the papers I wanted to write during exams”.

Xandy Kamel attended Bueman secondary school at Djasika in the Volta region of Ghana. She also continued to say that “I use to run away from school to my boyfriend in Accra” and that “I had a boyfriend in all the forms in my school and has a meeting time and point for each of them”.

These revelations came as a surprise to the host; OdarteyGH. And concluded her educational stories with the fact that she started that life since class four. However, she was able to maintain her virginity all through till after her WASSCE.

The daughter of the former regional minister in the Volta region, Xandy Kamel was recently in the news for removing her pant during an interview, the adventurous lady also throws some more light on her acting career, as she walked us through the genesis of her career till date from when she was in Kumasi.

During the show Xandy was asked if she enjoyed all the controversies surrounding her, she replied with “I don’t know if I enjoy it, but I know I get over it quickly”. She then went ahead to acknowledge her mum and man as the two pillars that motivated her and holds her down.

She also mentioned that Ghanaians do not understand showbiz and perceived her as the characters she played in movies. And also commented on the fact that even the industry players were their own enemies refusing to support each other.

Towards the end of the show, the kind hearted Xandy talked about her foundation to support poor children in the rural areas with learning materials and a support plan for the poor but intelligent children. She encourages people to support and donate to team Xandy to help push this very good course. We look forward and encourage more of such good acts by our industry players.

Watch the full interview below.

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