An America Based Event Promoter Comes At Sarkodie for His Tweet


In a tweet by Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, he entreats Ghanaian Event promoters outside Ghana to unite in order to make the year a good one. This tweet seems not to have been accepted well by some of Ghanaian Event promoters outside Ghana as the rapper had hoped.

Today on Zylofon’s Showbiz Agenda, an America based Ghanaian Promoter, Jagonzy spewed out his displeasure after seeing the tweet made by the artist. He also took the platform to address certain things Ghanaian Artists do when they are billed for events outside Ghana.

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He revealed that some artists in Ghana and their managements are inconsiderate when it comes to charging for events outside Ghana.

Others also delay certain vital processes to be done and in turn cancel on them at the last minute irrespective of the promotions done or the money invested into by the organizers of said events. This attitude of Ghanaian artists not only disappoints the promoters and their fans who had pay to come see the show, it also breeds some kind of mistrust amongst event organizers and their patrons. And makes it difficult to sell out an auditorium for the subsequent events.

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He also mentioned that some artist travel with unnecessarily huge entourage all at the expense of the promoter. Aside from their management, some bring other people including bouncers which the promoter might have already prepared for on their arrival at the states.

In a nutshell, the promoter says that working with Ghanaian artist in most cases is tedious than it should be, and most of them selfishly think of only what they will make and not the event promoters and organizers. And to him, though the artist makes money from international shows, event promoters and organizers don’t make money from billing such artists, which makes it difficult to keep their business going.

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