What Is BINGO NIGHT & How You Can Make Money Off It Explained


Times are hard in today’s modern Ghana, but it doesn’t mean you can not make money or earn a living by playing the Bingo game. It’s even easier to make some money as compared to other online bets and games.

So if you’ve not heard of it before, don’t freak out because its a simple game of numbers which is played every Tuesday inside Champs Bar at 6pm, Trust me its even better that placing sports bet and other games.

So What Is Bingo Night?
It’s a game of a numbers and excitement where you win lots of cash at Champs Sports Bar and grill inside Paloma hotel. The game is played every Tuesday at 6pm. Patrons win lots of cash after purchasing tickets to play the game.

How can you make Money Off it?

So like I said, its a game of numbers full of excitement and cash only. Before you can play the game and make some cool cash you will have to buy a ticket which costs GHC10 for minimum and GHC60 maximum or for the full ticket.

I will recommend you purchase the GHc60 ticket since with that you will definitely win at the end of the game.

Now the game is chaired by the MC of the night where he will disclose the rules of the game. Players are advised to listen attentively to the rules given by the MCprior to the game.

The MC chairing the Bingo Game

So for example the MC will give a rule which is “any five numbers” within a house, so when the machine selects the numbers, the MC will call out the numbers which will also reflect on the system.
However if you miss the number you can watch the system which will display the numbers for viewers to tick or cross out on the ticket only if you have it.

The Bingo Game System

Players will then cross out the numbers on their tickets, the first person to get the first five correct numbers will shout BINGO!!! Then the coordinator will check to see if its correct. If it tallys then we say “Pay and Smile”. In a situation where two people shout BINGO at the same time the cash is split amongst them. Also if a players sheet is crossed check and it doesn’t meet the first five numbers but he/she shouts bingo he/she loses his chance in the game in view.  It is called a BOOGIE if that happens.

A winners ticket/sheet being checked

New players are briefed about the rules of the game before the game commences for fairness. Also you can come and witness how the game is played to make an informed decision to play or not.

Trust me the Bingo game is real and it has turned my fortunes around!!!  Turn your fortunes around by playing this exciting game.

Pictures of players at the last edition of Bingo Night.


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