PDS mobile app for the purchase of Electricity is Genuine


TV3 journalist, Bridget Otoo has shared her displeasure after using the PDS mobile app, she took to twitter to advise her followers not to use the PDS mobile app for any transactions as she labelled it as fraudulent.

See her tweet below

Some users and customers of PDS disagreed with her for saying the app is fraudulent as they have had successful transactions since the inception of the mobile app.

The PDS  mobile App has been operating for years and cannot be a scam nor fraudulent.

According to a source from PDS;

When a customer purchases electricity via the App, the Company’s Server communicates with the meter to credit it with the purchased amount. They  however acknowledge that sometimes the SMS message to customers’ phones delay. This is often due to failed internet connectivity. The text messages that delay sometimes accumulate and reach us in bulk, immediately the network improves. This cannot be the basis to describe the App as a scam nor fraudulent.

Also when you purchase an amount using the app, your account is credited but since there is a delay in the notification, you may think that your account has not been credited. So sometimes after using up your credit due to the server jam you may receive the notification at a latter date.

Customers on the Nuri brand of meters who have used the PDS App can attest to the fact that it is a functioning tool. 

The delayed text message challenge which has existed for some time, according to a reliable source is being addressed by PDS.

PDS would like to let its customers know that they are working on making sure that customers get instant notification immediately they purchase electricity units via the mobile app.

Customers can always visit PDS offices or call them to reconcile their payments and purchases. One can conclude that makes it a genuine App for ease of purchasing electricity and doing business.

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