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If you are a great fan action movies  then 2018 must be the best year you’ve had so far. The new action movies 2018 lineup has been nothing short of action-packed adventures and scientific fiction. And yes, the releases are unequivocally breathtaking based on comic books and sci-fi novels, some of which are better in the story line than others but none is short of greatness. 

2018 has been a creatively rich year for action movies, as major studios have increasingly committed their studio time and resources in the production of action-filled movies, like the Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther. Here is a list of new action movies released in the year 2018.

1. Deadpool 2 IMDB score: 7.8

Deadpool 2 is the latest version of the X-men ultra-violent series after the comedic Deadpool. In the beginning, the movie brings to light Ryan Reynolds the anti-hero in the red suit, who turns to the audience and hints to them that there is a big scene ahead. The reality is, Reynolds is not kidding, as the rest of the scenes are an action fest, where Wade Wilson leads a team of superheroes and mutants to subdue and stop Josh Brolin known as Mercenary cable from fulfilling his mission. Beneath all the action and clutter in the movie, there is nothing as refreshing and comical as Deadpool 2 action scenes.


2. Mission Impossible – Fallout IMDb score: 7.9

Mission Impossible – Fallout stars Tony Cruise and is directed by McQuarrie. When Tony Cruise an IMF agent is sent to fulfill a mission against some assassins who are the IMF top list of most wanted, he is tied in a race against time, and on his back, the assassins are hunting him down. The assassins are committed to causing a global catastrophe by poisoning the water in a great lake between China and Russia, while Tony Cruise and his team are trying to stop the incidence from happening. The great graphical content in the movie and the action especially at the end when Tony Cruise is hanging on the cliff trying to stop one end of the stop button, while the rest of the team are horrifically facing a time ticking bomb is just epic.


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3. Upgrade IMDb score: 7.6

Upgrade is a thriller story of Marshall Green a mechanic who goes through an accident and loses his wife in the incident. Later in the surgeries, he gains an unusual recovery and control of his limbs, but that remains the secret of Enron as the police and other concerned parties are not told what transpired in the surgery. However, when he is going through the police files regarding the case of his wife, STEM begins to speak to his mind regarding the revenge and the people who were involved. Grey breaks into the home of Serk and discovers that he is an “upgraded” form of himself following a military experiment and that he had lost control of most of his senses. As Grey is proceeding with investigations regarding the murder of his wife, Eron demands that he stops the operation through the STEM input system, but Grey manages to get a hacker who helps him in bypassing the input guard so he can regain control of the STEM, and finish his investigations of the assailants.


4. Venom IMDb score: 6.9

Venom is a superhero film and a 2018 release based on the Marvel’s comics and depicts the once superhero, Spiderman. When exploring a new world in space, trying to locate regions that are human habitable, the corporation makes a discovery of a space comet with symbiotic forms of life. The team probing the research returns to the lab with the samples from the comet to begin experimentation with the three samples, after one of the life-forms escapes, crashing the ship in Malaysia. After six months of trial, Drake is almost clinching success. Unfortunately, one of the life forms manifest in Brock as a monster, introduces itself as Venom, and explains to Brock that the mission of the creature is to inhabit planets and devour all the inhabitants. it promises to save the life of Brock if he helps him in their mission, as well as give him superpowers.


5. Incredibles 2 IMDb scores: 7.9

Incredibles 2 is a 3D animation film that showcases acts of superheroes that are off to save the world. The family of superheroes is pursuing an underminer who stole from a bank and manages to escape. As a result of the government’s concern regarding the actions of the villain, it shuts down the activities at the Superhero relocation program, causing a financial breakdown for the superhero family. After the death of Violet, Tony realizes his superhero identity and Dicker helps in erasing violet form Tony’s memory. After the struggle in lacking financial backing, the superheroes are on the verge of disapproving the notions of the world about the superhero family and begin to save the world through actions for the good of the people in a bid to regain public trust, and perhaps their government’s support through legalizing superheroes again.


6. Equalizer 2 IMDb score: 6.8

Equalizer 2 is an action thriller film that is stars Denzel Washington. The starring servers as a rescuer for the persons who are exploited and cannot find justice. How far will Denzel go when he has to rescue and find justice when the victim is someone he loves?


7. Ocean’s 8 IDMb score: 6.2

Ocean’s 8 is an all-female action movie released in June that tells the story of a female team of thieves. After the release of Debbie from prison, she is more invigorated than before, and pulls together a team of Villains, comprising of unstoppable crooks who would do anything for money. It stars Cate Blanchet, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, Helen Carter, and Rihanna. The 8 are on a mission of stealing one of the world’s most valuable piece of jewelry valued at 150 million dollars at the highly guarded Met Gala in New York. Will they succeed in their mission? Watch the trailer below for a remarkable hint of the movie.


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8. Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom IMDb score: 6.2

Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom is an action thriller. It has been over three years since the Dinosaur destruction of the luxury resort and the theme park. The once luxury resort is abandoned by humans while the dinosaurs that remained are left to fend and survive on their own. The roaring of the volcano means only one thing, the extinction of the dinosaurs. Owen and Claire are now committed to launching a campaign that will target the rescue of Dinosaurs from the event that would render their second and last extinction. Owen goes to find blue, one of the dinosaurs which are still lost in the wild and faces a possible extinction. This movie has an intense sequence of peril and science fiction violence, as well as fantasy.


9. Ant-Man And The Wasp IMDb score: 7.2

Ant-Man And The Wasp is an action and adventure film with moderately sci-fi action violence. From the cinematic universe by Marvel, they feature two heroes with the ability to shrink, they are the wasp and the ant man. After the scenes of “Captain America: Civil War”, Rudd appearing as Scott Lang is tied between being a good dad, or a superhero. In the quest to balance between his roles as a dad and be the superhero, ant man, van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pyne appear with a new assignment with urgent mission details. Lang has to take on the suit one more time, and embark on learning after a long wait, and fights together with the wasp in a bid to uncover their past secrets.


10. Skyscraper IMDb score: 5.9

Skyscraper an action and adventure film stars the sensational Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson. Johnson leads a team of legendary Skyscraper as a U.S veteran and a former FBI hostage rescue leader. Together with Will Sawyer, they are now taking the roles as security assessors for skyscrapers. While on an assignment to China, one of the safest and the tallest buildings is on fire, and he is being framed as the perpetrator, making him a wanted man and should be on the run. As a hunted man, he must find the people responsible for the attack, clear his name, and finally take on the task of rescuing his family who are held up in the building just above the fire line.


11. The Meg IMDb score: 5.8

The Meg is a combination of action and adventure, sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. Starring Jason Statham, it tells the story of a Megalodon a 75-foot long shark which has surfaced from an undersea expedition. When the submersible by an undersea observation program is being attacked and gets stuck in the deep sea, Jason Statham is called in to rescue the crew back to the control center. However, the actions let open a separating boundary between the undersea and the upper sea, letting out the Megalodon. The shark becomes an imminent threat when it starts attacking the people on the beach as well as other smaller whale. Jason Statham takes on the perilous, mission to fight the monstrous shark and finally destroy it.


12. Peppermint IMDb score: 6.5

Peppermint is a mystery and suspense with action thrilling scenes kind of movie. It tells the story of Riley North a young mother who awakens from a comma to a gruesome tale of the murder of her husband and daughter. When she gets no attention to bring to justice the people behind the death of her family, she transforms to an urban guerilla citizen who is determined to destroy everyone who was involved, including the most feared cartel members. Channeling her frustrations and anger, she spends years training and molding herself as an unstoppable force eluding the FBI, LAPD and the underworld, and delivers her own version of justice by blood.


13. The predator IMDb score: 5.5

The predator is a horror, Sci-Fi, action and adventure kind of film. The universe’s hunters are now more lethal and stronger than ever before, after their upgrade using other species’ DNA. With their strong genes and a strong stature, they are way more dangerous and ferocious than before. Accidentally, a young boy triggers their return to planet earth, and the danger is imminent that the human species will be swept out. Only a crew of ex-soldiers together with science teacher are able to take the mandate of stopping the creatures from wiping the trace of humans from the face of the earth.


14. Aquaman IMDb score: 8.0

Aquaman is a Sci-Fi fiction and fantasy, and an action film which take the viewers to the adventures of the underwater of the seven seas. Starring by Jason Momoa, famous for the name Khal Drogo from “Game of Thrones.” Aquaman explores the story of the half-Atlantean, half-human and the kind of a person he really is. The movie is an action after action reveal of Momoa, the Aquaman, through a journey of a lifetime of self-realization and the test of his worth to take over the kingdom, as King. He must deal with the tension between his own people and the outsiders who pollute the ocean thus destroying their habitat, and bring it to a stop.


15. Rampage IMDb score: 6.1

Rampage is a Sci-Fi action and adventurous film about George, an intelligent but extraordinarily large gorilla who is a product of a rogue genetic experiment that goes awry, causing unimaginable mutations of the creature and others. On the other side of the town, it is discovered that two other creatures had been affected by the scientific experiment and are destroying everything in their path. Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) teams up with George to save the city from destruction by fighting the seemingly unchallenged danger coming their way.


16. Creed II IMDb score: 7.8

Creed II is an action and adventure filled film. It tells of a story of Adonis Creed who is battling between training and personal obligations, in the face of a challenge of his life that is awaiting him in a few days. Fighting an opponent who has ties to his past and that of his family only extrapolates the intensity of the fight on the ring. Rocky Balboa gives support to Creed on the side of the ring, and together they deal with the life question; what is worth fighting for more than family? Their discovery leads them to realize nothing is as important as family. Creed II is a recollection and a remembrance of what made you who you are, to begin with. It is about going back to the roots and redefining yourself from the core issues that made your foundation to what it is today because history will never be evaded.


17. Tomb Raider IMDb score: 6.4

Tomb Raider which is a story of Lara Croft, the daughter of an eccentric scientist and adventurer who disappeared years before her teenage-hood. At the age of 21, she is now a young woman who is focused about her future and takes on jobs like the bike courier, goes to college but does not seem to nail it both in class and as a delivery person. Determined to forge a new path, Lara finds herself in a quest to finish what his father had started and embarks on a perilous mission into the enchanted island, somewhere in the coastlands of Japan. The fighting is staged in an ancient tomb that will tumble down killing both herand the people trying to steal what his father had started. Her stubborn spirit coupled with unyielding determination see only her survive when the tomb starts crashing down and burying the others alive.


18. Den Of Thieves IMDb score: 7.0

Den of Thieves, released on January 19, 2018, is a 140-minute of pure action and crime. The movie is a crime saga that follows on the lives of states most successful crew of robbers, in the robbery plan that that is seemingly impossible, to raid the Federal Reserve Bank. Led by Schreiber, a retired marine, the grand strike a deal with scrupulous policemen who seem particularly compulsive on their demands. You should follow through and watch this movie, mostly because of the superb twist of events scene after scene.


19. Mandy IMDb score : 6.7

Mandy is a 2018 release action movie featuring Nicholas Cage. Miller (Nicholas Cage) and his girlfriend (Mandy) live in a secluded lifestyle out in the woods. A sudden twist of events occurs when Mandy is kidnapped by a group of deviant hippie cult. When Miller tried to follow up, he is captured and tormented with the agony of seeing the love of his life burned alive. “Mandy” climaxes on a revenge mission by red Miller who is determined to execute a revenge in what sums up as a gory incidence at the end.


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20. Black Panther IMDb score: 7.4

Marvel studios Black Panther Released in February 2018 features the Kenyan sensational actress and Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong’o. Black Panther follows the story of T’challa following the sudden death of his father the celebrated King Wakanda. T’challa returns home to Africa in a technologically advanced but isolated kingdom to inherit as the rightful heir to the throne of the kingdom. But his reign is confronted with a powerful old enemy of the kingdom and T’Challa’s Black Panther is put to a test of a lifetime when he has to fight for Wakanda and the risks on his shoulder. T’challa faces danger and treachery and must gather his allies to be able to release the full power of the Black Panther to destroy his threatening enemies and secure the life of Wakanda as well as their original lifestyle. This movie features an African cast and remains the talk of the town following the famous “Wakanda” salutation.


Indeed 2018 have been action-packed with release after release of action. The above movies are some of the movies less heard about and are a comprehensive list of the new action movies 2018 you may have missed. The fact remains that, action movies have gone a level higher, encompassing more than the traditional gunshots and predictable horror scenes with zombies. What we see today is a whole new level of action that remains memorable after a long time. Take a look at the above movies and you will prove this point. Have a fun-filled time of entertainment. 

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